Donate Money

100% of your monetary donations (minus a small fee charged by the transaction process, Stripe) go to our work in Northern Malawi. Please visit our donation site:

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Your donations will make possible:

      • Renovation and expansion of outdated and run-down areas of Kaseye Community Hospital
      • Repurposing and renovation of existing buildings into much needed new space, e.g., Communication Center
      • Supplementing grant-funded projects to cover copayment required of beneficiary
      • Improvement of infrastructure, like water, electricity (solar power), transportation
      • Tuition scholarship for indigent university/college students residing in Northern Malawi at a government institution of higher learning or a distance learning university/college
      • Partial tuition assistance for indigent able-bodied and disabled college students in private residential and nonresidential college or distant-study college programs as well as in residential and nonresidential certification/diploma programs if no government institution offers the study program chosen by the student or under exceptional circumstances
      • Tuition scholarships for disabled students in residential and nonresidential study programs (includes textbooks, stationery, transportation and allowance for special equipment)

If you are not able to make a monetary contribution, please help spread the word by:

      • Promoting us on your Facebook page
      • Sharing our needs in an e-mail or a phone conversation
      • Talking to friends, relatives and acquaintances
      • Using the Indiegogo share tools