Donate Time as a Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities

We are interested in volunteers with various skills in the areas of construction, medical care (clinical and nursing services), hospital administration, as well as Kindergarten and elementary education. If you are interested in volunteering some time in Malawi and would like more information, please contact us.

Current Volunteers


For students, we currently have collaborations with programs at the University of Dayton and Wright State University, both in Dayton, OH.




Be the Change Volunteers are making an effort to donate desks to Kaseye Primary School. They are currently not active due to COVID-19 which makes international travel impossible. Individual AA volunteers, in particular one who is closely collaborating with a local doctor, are setting up AA groups in the area due to the pervasive problem of substance abuse, to a large extent caused by dire poverty. Two retired health services specialists have also contributed to improvements in organizational and administrative matters of Kaseye Community Hospital.