Improvement of Services at Kaseye Community Hospital

In an effort to improve clinical and administrative services at Kaseye Community Hospital, volunteers came and many are still coming for various lengths of time: Interplast Germany physicians, Wright Global Nurses Team of Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, a retired hospital administrator from Florida, a Canadian nurse specializing in infection control, an American nurse performing follow-up work on behalf of the Wright Global Nurses Team, another retired hospital administrator from Germany and a long-term Interplast volunteer following up on the newly-trained patient attendants of Kaseye Hospital.

Another area of necessary improvement is related to widespread alcoholism in the area. A fruitful collaboration was initiated with AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) in Switzerland. AA members from Switzerland and Austria have visited the Kaseye area several times in an effort to establish new AA groups, not only for the benefit of the addicts themselves but also for the benefit of their families and friends.