Renovation of Kaseye Community Hospital

A crucial part of the renovation of the run-down buildings of Kaseye Community Hospital started in January 2016 and was completed later that year, specifically the repair of the leaky roofs, the bathroom addition to the guest house and the renovation of the HIV/AIDS Clinic. The renovation of Block III of the hospital into an operating area was the next major project and was completed and approved by the Medical Council of Malawi in December 2019. This renovation was made possible thanks to the assistance given by theĀ  Beit Trust and Interplast Germany.

In 2019 Kaseye Community Hospital received the generous donation of a solar system for the entire hospital. The successful application was a project of Interplast Germany in collaboration with the German government. In order to guarantee sustainability of the investment, Kaseye Community Hospital has made the commitment to further educational opportunities for clinical professionals in Northern Malawi