Improvement and Renovation of Kaseye Girls’ Primary School

Primary schools in Malawi are the least supported institutions, and funds are usually not available to maintain buildings or improve infrastructure. Through our collaboration with theĀ Solon Foundation, we have renovated a dilapidated building into a communication center providing internet access to the community as well as to the hospital and schools. Since part of the old building was used as a kitchen for the primary school, a new kitchen and eating shelter were built so students do not have to eat in their classrooms anymore. Furthermore, in collaboration with Be The Change Volunteers (BTCV), Missouri, USA, a project was started and interrupted by COVID-19 of furnishing the classrooms with desks for all grade levels. Culminating all these improvements is a project of raising the school’s academic achievement level which was initiated by a volunteer faculty member of University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio.