Thomas & Elisabeth Hangartner

Elisabeth volunteered in early childhood education at Lusubilo Community-Based Orphan Programme in Karonga, Northern Malawi, from 2006-09.  During Elisabeth’s tenure at Lusubilo, sixty community-based orphan centers were built, and numerous village women were trained in basic childcare thanks to the many donors to the cause of Lusubilo.

Thomas has been a life-long educator in the area of medical imaging, working first at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, and then at Wright State University (WSU) in Dayton, Ohio; he created WSU’s Malawi Student Ambassador Program, which has involved students in the installation of x-ray rooms in remote hospitals of Malawi. Since retirement in 2015, the Hangartners have spent 6-8 months per year in Malawi, facilitating the renovation projects at Kaseye Community Hospital.

Change and Be Changed, Inc., (CABC) is supported by a dedicated, knowledgeable Board of Directors, all experts active in or retired from clinical or administrative professional fields:

    • Charles Bane
    • Mary Bane
    • Elisabeth Hangartner-Everts
    • Thomas Hangartner
    • Thomas McCrate
    • Kevin Murnane
    • Thomas Schroer
    • Nimfa Simpson
    • Christine Sitko