Interplast Germany

A volunteer organization of surgical professionals dedicated to performing operations in developing countries, especially in the areas of plastic and orthopedic surgery. Interplast Germany schedules visits about half a dozen times per year for two weeks and performs numerous surgeries that are usually not available in Northern Malawi. The organization has been instrumental in planning the renovation and furnishing the new operating facility at Kaseye Community Hospital. Interplast also educates local doctors in various surgical procedures.

University of Dayton

CABC has hosted engineering students from the University of Dayton for a couple of years to work on improving the road stretch to Kaseye. In the rainy season, the road gets washed out, and car traffic becomes difficult. In addition, we have involved the School of Education in helping with performance improvement of Kaseye Primary School. They are also involved in a project in the nearby (1.5 hours) mountain village of Chisansu.

Wright State University

The Malawi Student Ambassador Program has involved undergraduate and graduate students from Wright State University for over six years to install x-ray rooms in remote rural hospitals in Malawi. The program started in 2013 and includes renovation of a dedicated room to be safely used for x-ray procedures, installation of the x-ray equipment (including a low-cost digital image receiver to avoid problems with procurement of x-ray films) as well as training of hospital staff in the safe use of the x-ray equipment.

Be the Change Volunteers

Be the Change Volunteers is a volunteer organization located in Columbia, MO. They are planning to support us with desks for each classroom as well as the renovation of the dilapidated buildings of the Kaseye Girls’ Primary School.